Danny Brewer, The Tennessee Turf Talker, is a seasoned sports journalist that has been telling the stories of athletes from the high school gridiron to Churchill Downs for nearly 25 years.

Danny has focused on Thoroughbred Horse Racing for the past decade and has developed numerous integral relationships that provide him with daily horseracing news. He attends several major horse races around the country throughout the year and gives his fellow horseracing enthusiasts insider information that many in media can’t access.

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“When Street Sense won the Kentucky Derby in 2007, he didn’t try and hold out for a bigger contract,” proclaims Brewer. “And when I wanted to talk to Lava Man before he was the lead pony for I’ll Have Another at the 2012 Kentucky Derby he was eager to listen. Of course I did have a carrot in my hand.

But really, the horses and jockeys are fantastic athletes, the competition is great in many ways, and it gives me an opportunity to chronicle a national sport in a Grantland Rice-esque fashion.”

Danny Brewer


As a member of the Turf Publicists of America and a Voter in the National Thoroughbred Polls published by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, Danny is able to provide horseracing fans exclusive, up-to-the-minute insight to the “Sport of Kings”! Brewer is also a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association, College Football Writers Association and is the chairperson of the Rutherford County high school football Top Ten Committee.


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