Horse racing hero California Chrome is on the shelf with an injury and may never race again. That is the sobering reality of this wonderful sport. These athletes may be as powerful as a locomotive, yet at the same time, are as fragile as glass. Whether Chrome ever toes the track again at this point really will not tarnish his image. Sports fans far and wide will always remember his thundering stretch moves during a magical 3-year old season that spread joy and hope throughout.

If we really want to put California Chrome in perspective, listen to the 1972 hit song by Gary Wright titled “Dream Weaver”. This son of Lucky Pulpit allowed us all to close our eyes and climb aboard for a dreamy ride. The Chrome team gave everyone hope and promise. From humble beginnings he came and his team represented everyday America. In a true demonstration of the dream we all desire, Chrome proved anybody can ascend to the heights with some hard work and a little bit of luck. Believing they could reach the morning light, flying to the bright side of the moon, they hoped to reach the other side.

Now that the ride may be over, there will of course be a plethora of second guessers. Of course we all wanted to see California Chrome basking in the glow of the winner’s circle in 2015, but he didn’t. Shoulda, woulda, and coulda will not change things so what’s the point. Remembering the magnificence of California Chrome on Kentucky Derby Day can help us all cross the highways of fantasy and forget today’s pain.

His injury (bruised cannon bone) is not life threatening but does take a long time to heal. It has been said that he will return to racing in 2016. The minority ownership DAP’s Steve Coburn has been purchased by Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky. Chrome has been taken to Taylor Made for a little rest and recuperation. His new minority owners have announced their plans are to race Chrome in 2016 under the care of trainer Art Sherman.

“I’m elated, I think he can have a heck of a five-year old season,” says the 77-year old Sherman. “I’m looking forward to it.”

The veteran conditioner has every right to be excited. As for the rest of us, we too can think about what may happen next year. But if for some reason the comeback does not materialize, we can all remember his dream-weaving run through 2014.