So here we are more than a year since a miraculous athlete pulled off the unthinkable and somebody has decided to question the authenticity of one of the greatest achievements in the sports world. My first response here is …WHY ?

Maybe there are two answers here. First one is, sex sells in this country. In this soap opera type society we live in today, some like to try and air some pitching and catching news because that always attracts attention. They might say they are doing it for the “greater good”, but most of us realize it is usually self serving and they don’t really care who is catching, Controversy and drama drives some while others simply shake their heads at these wanna be pitchers and long for the good ole days when people weren’t so consumed with slinging mud and selling a centerfold.

The other answer could simply be a lack of understanding. Getting a grip on what it takes to compete in the athletic arena is hard for a person that couldn’t play in the band. That means you should work extra hard to find out the real facts before sensationalizing bits and pieces to make yourself look like a cleanup hitter. Often times today that does not happen.

So what’s the bottom line here? I do not have all of the facts because I was not there for every magical day of this Thoroughbred’s ascent to greatness…but my experience and knowledge of the game has allowed me to form an opinion. Do I think Justify and Bob Baffert cheated their way to immortality?…ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can’t teach talent and this was one of those special situations in which a man that loves the game knew he had a jaw-dropper. If you pay attention to how he handles his many talented athletes you know he does not have to cheat to win and never puts personal gain above the well-being of his stable. The six-month scorch through the skies of the sporting world in 2018 was stuff you couldn’t make up. To me there is no question about the integrity here. I kind of scoff at the thought you wouldn’t Justify the 2018 Triple Crown… well, not kinda…