What does the brewing scandal regarding the doping of Thoroughbreds tell us?… Mix money and people and you can screw up anything.

As is the case in all pro sports, cheating happens. Some folks are so desperate to win they just can’t help themselves. Of course at this stage, these are only accusations and there have been no convictions. But it appears there is a smoking gun with prints all over it.

If Maximum Security is in fact one of those poor innocent athletes that was played like a two string fiddle, shame on his human handlers. How dare they destroy the image of a vastly talented runner by being too insecure to rely on their own abilities to condition a winner. His handling has been a bit mysterious to me during the past 12 months or so, but maybe now we know why he was conveniently absent from some obvious spots like the Traver’s Stakes and the Breeders’ Cup.

Let’s put this in perspective. This is a wonderful sport and the investigation is a good thing. True or not, these accusations will help the game. If you want to keep a clean house, sometimes you have to take out the trash!

Thoroughbred racing is the greatest sport in the world for many reasons and no matter what a few greedy two-legged losers did, the game has not lost its luster.