Here is the question we pose to all of you…was there a crime committed in Louisville, Kentucky on May 4??? Because the law of this land says innocent until proven guilty we will reserve judgment before examining the evidence. Indications are there could have been a case of grand larceny and it was in front of 150,000 witnesses.

Kentucky Derby 145 is an event that will go down in infamy. In the wake of the situation at Santa Anita earlier in the year, the last thing this glorious sport needed was any type of controversy. The sport of kings is in fact fantastic in so many ways we probably would have to take our shoes off to count up everything. But unfortunately when a monster rears its ugly head, that is often the image everyday people focus on. And wow…this was a real Godzilla.

Let’s get back to the evidence and then make our judgment call. The gates open and as expected the speedy but not super experienced Maximum Security bolts to the lead. Past the twin spires the first time he rolls with others eating his mud. Into the backstretch he leads the field of 19 while posting fractions of 22.31 in the opening quarter mile and 46.62 in the half-mile. Into the far turn the large group of horses rolled hounding the unbeaten son of New Year’s Day every step of the way. As he made his way around the curve with about 5/16 of a mile remaining, Maximum Security switched his lead leg and did come out a bit. With War of Will running up the business end of this Jason Servis trained colt, something had to give. War of Will moved out a bit in the crowd and caused Long Range Toddy to check and get a little sideways. The group continued to roll into the stretch with War of Will, Code of Honor and Country House all close to even terms with Maximum Security. That is when the real talent shined through and the Florida Derby winner surged to a clear lead. Fending off his challengers, he rolled to the wire as clearly the best. The second place finisher (Country House) was not affected, he just could not get past and finished a widening 1 ¾ lengths behind.

The stewards made this statement but refused to answer questions following the race. According to rules, if a horse impedes the progress of another runner they are subject to disqualification. In this case it was determined the 7 (Maximum Security) hindered three horses (1, 18,21) and was therefor placed behind the final affected horse.

If you lead a 19 HORSE FIELD is it your responsibility to check your side view mirrors all the time or do you do what you do and let others figure out how to get around? We understand you can’t be Swervin’ Ernie Irvin and endanger other horses, but they do call it a HORSE RACE and a little rubbing can be expected from start to finish.

In an event with immortal repercussions and the $1.86 million first place prize money at stake should a runner that clearly demonstrates superiority be penalized for an inadvertent action that likely did not affect the outcome of the race?

Yes, we understand there are rules, but do they call holding on every play in football like they could or does the whistle blow for palming the basketball each trip down the court? The Kentucky Derby is a special race with special circumstances and we must understand we shouldn’t ever try and change that. As mortals we can not be bigger than the Derby and should never try. Within reason, you let the horses decide the race. It can’t be a free-for-all and the 145th running was not. In the interest of sporting competition sometimes you just let things go.

On May 4, 2019, Maximum Security was the best and he got robbed…Your honor we rest our case.